Facing a criminal charge is no doubt one of the most daunting ordeals you may face. Given the significant impact that a criminal conviction may have on your professional and personal life, you cannot afford to take chances.

At Bowie Law, we employ our experience and expertise to provide effective representation. We are committed to helping you resolve your criminal law case as quickly and efficiently as is possible.

Criminal Law Specialties

Our extensive knowledge and experience have seen us successfully defend many clients over the years against the following, among other allegations:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault
  • Threats
  • Criminal Harassment
  • Unlawful/Forcible Confinement
  • Theft and Shoplifting
  • Property Offences

criminal law specialties

Domestic Violence

A conviction in a domestic violence case could result in a suspended sentence, a conditional sentence or even a jail term, depending on the circumstances.

At Bowie Law, we have successfully defended clients and will work with you to achieve a favourable resolution.


Our lawyers have handled assault charges cases ranging from common assault to aggravated assault (causing bodily harm).

Assault is undoubtedly a serious offence under law. Our team will work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome and try to help you avoid you getting a criminal record or a custodial sentence.


Our lawyers have successfully defended clients against a wide range of threat charges. We will review the circumstances surrounding the charges and tailor our defense to your unique situation.  

Criminal Harassment

We work with clients facing criminal harassment charges, or, in layman’s terms, stalking. Jail time, a hefty fine and other restrictive ancillary orders are what you may be facing in terms of penalties if convicted. With stakes this high, you want a committed criminal defense lawyer working on your case.

Unlawful/ Forcible Confinement

In the context of a domestic dispute or altercation, it is not uncommon for one person to be accused of denying the other the opportunity to leave of their own accord. In this case, a charge of unlawful confinement may ensue. Depending on your situation, our lawyers may be able to help with getting the charges withdrawn or dismissed.

Theft and Shoplifting

Every case is different. Relevant factors include whether you are first time offender and the value of the goods or items allegedly stolen. Whatever the circumstances of your case, our team will argue your case effectively to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Property Offences

From breaking and entering to vandalism and both vehicle and non-vehicle theft, we offer excellent advocacy for our clients facing different property offences.

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