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We specialize in Family Law (divorce, custody, parenting, child support), Immigration Law, Criminal Law, and Wills & Estates.


Family Law

Our goal is to help you protect your loved ones, achieve a fair resolution of your legal issues, and start your life over in freedom and peace. We understand that going through separation and divorce is difficult and challenging, particularly when children are involved. We help empower our clients to resolve their conflicts through a negotiated settlement, or litigation when settlement is not possible.

Immigration Law

We aim to provide excellent services for working families to sponsor their loved ones, prevent family members from being deported and mount successful appeals when necessary. We are experienced in achieving positive results in refugee hearings and immigration appeals, as well as helping businesses find quality talent from overseas to meet their employment needs.

Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offense is extremely stressful. Our lawyers aim to help you in your time of need and advocate for you throughout the entire legal process. Our attorneys are passionate and committed to ensuring that clients receive a fair proceeding and a vigorous defence.

Our Firm: Bowie Law

Our firm focuses on family law: divorce, custody, parenting, child support, spousal support, property division, and Restraining and Emergency Protection Orders. We also practice in the areas of child welfare, immigration, criminal law and wills and estates. We provide excellent services at a reasonable rate.

At Bowie Law, we understand how stressful it can be when a relationship ends, and we work hard to resolve our clients’ issues in the least contentious manner possible. We encourage negotiation and the use of alternative dispute resolution services whenever feasible. However, we understand that there are some situations that demand litigation, and we are fully prepared to advocate zealously for our clients at any level of court.

Let the reliable and caring lawyers at Bowie Law handle your family, immigration and criminal law matters.


Our Mission Statement

Our firm’s mission is to provide high quality, creative and results-oriented legal services to individuals and businesses and to serve as a primary resource for all aspects of clients’ legal needs.

Our Lead Counsel: Kwame Abrefah

Kwame Abrefah graduated from York University (Toronto) with an Honours BA, followed by a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto. Kwame later obtained a law degree from the University of Alberta. Kwame has worked with families throughout his adult life. He worked as a Regional Social Worker and Manager of Social Programs in the NWT. He also worked as Senior Manager responsible for Child Intervention Services in the Northeast Zone of the Central Alberta Child and Family Services.

Kwame is a recipient of Premier of Alberta Award of Excellence for successfully piloting the Success-In-School Initiative for children and youth in government care.

In our complex world, legal problems are often intertwined with problems in other areas, including psychosocial, medical and economic problems. Kwame’s social work background helps him to combine his interpersonal and intervention skills with legal knowledge and practice skills to better serve clients. Kwame’s problem-solving skills and creativity help him to collaborate with clients to resolve their issues appropriately.

Kwame understands how stressful legal matters can be, and he works hard to resolve his clients’ issues in the most empathetic, practical and efficient way possible. Kwame encourages negotiation and the use of alternative dispute resolution services whenever feasible. However, he understands that there are some situations that demand litigation, and he is fully prepared to advocate zealously for his clients at any level of court.